Toptone M808: a Skype phone and PMP love fest

Updated ·1 min read

Ok, here's an interesting point of convergence for you: the Skype phone and portable media player. Yeah ok, Toptone, the apparent Chinese OEM of this one-inch slim device, will actually pre-install any softphone solution into their M808 VoIP phone but we know it's Skype that most of you are digging on. As a media player you get an FM radio, up to 512MB of flash memory to store your audio (MP3, WMA, WAV) and video (WMV, MPEG-1/2/4, AVI) files for playback on the itty-bitty 1.2-inch, 65k color OLED screen. Of course, it also features a built-in Microphone to record voice memos, lectures, or whatever covert shenanigans you might be into. But plug this USB 2.0 pup into any PC with Internet connection and Skype will autolaunch with all your personal settings whether or not the PC has Skype installed. We just hope that autolaunch is configurable, eh? Expect these to drop under a dizzying array of names with pricing starting at $75 for the 128MB model in your choice of silver, red, or blue.

[Via Slashphone]