Sony's NW-A1200 8GB Walkman straight outta Japan

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Sony's NW-A1200 8GB Walkman straight outta Japan
We know some of you have been counting the days on you calendar for this one, and now it looks like Sony's NW-A1200 MP3 player is finally getting a release in the US after previously being exclusive to Japan, and will launch here in two new colors: violet and pink. Better get used to 'em cause they're also the only colors available, which is all the more curious since Sony already released a slick-looking black version in Japan -- is it really so hard to release it here too? Style preferences aside, the player still looks like a solid enough device, with MP3, WMA, and AAC support, 20 hours of promised battery life (on AAC, of course), and a 1.5-inch OLED screen. Sony's taking pre-orders now for $199.95 with an expected ship date of July 20th.

[Thanks, decemberice]
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