Another list of ten top things: game weapons

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Another list of ten top things: game weapons
Another list of ten top things: game weapons
GameTrailers does the "top ten" thing and rattles off their list of the "Top Ten Game Weapons." But they didn't just go around giving honors to any old weapon willy-nilly. They stipulated, "flaming fireballs and magic spells are out, but blowing things up is definitely in." Their understandably FPS-heavy list breaks down like this:
  • 10. Cerebral Bore (Turok 2 & 3): Turok 3 was a bore, amirite?
  • 9. Chainsaw (Doom): did they ever figure out why there was a chainsaw on Mars?
  • 8. Spreadgun (Contra): you don't use the spreadgun, do you? Wuss ...
  • 7. Railgun (Quake 2): the do-it-yourself super weapon of hobbyists everywhere.
  • 6. Laptop Gun (Perfect Dark Zero): gets the "remember when this game was good?" nod.
  • 5. Energy Sword (Halo 2): you cheap bastard.
  • 4. Ice Beam (Metroid): the retro, non-FPS Metroid vote (not that Retro).
  • 3. BFG (Doom): the granddaddy of all big fuckin' guns.
  • 2. Red Turtle Shell (Mario Kart): the dark horse weapon of the list, and a proven way to destroy a friendship.
  • 1. Gravity Gun (Half-Life 2): alright, we gotta give it to them, the gravity gun is some serious weaponry.
Undoubtedly, some of you are boiling over with rage that _______ wasn't included! Though the Joystiq staffers don't agree on much ("tastes great" ... "no, less filling") we did unite in our disappointment regarding the omission of Mario's mushroom-mushing derrière. Want to relive all those soft-focus memories with these weapons of mass enjoyment? Check out the full video embedded after the break.

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