MET's BauXar Marty101 custom designed speakers

Japan's MET Corp. bring us these new BauXar 6-Watt cylindrical speakers "for the life with nudie sound," whatever the hell that might mean. Ok, ok, the speakers themselves aren't new, we're just getting a few new colors and a custom-fit, MartyWear service which gives you the privilege (for an extra ¥20k Yen or about $170) of dressing up their ¥30k/$260 Marty101 speakers in a custom kit of your liking. And if we're reading the machine translation correctly, the custom designs they offer aren't limited to a catalog. Oh no, MET designers will slap whatever image your freakish interests might crave onto that 12-inches of cylinder -- just send in a drawing or photograph and they'll take care of the rest. As to the 360-degree nudie sound these speakers tout? Well all we can tell you is that as usual, a pair is required.

[Via Impress]