ROK Player goes Windows Mobile

Ryan Block
R. Block|07.03.06

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ROK Player goes Windows Mobile
It's been a while since ROK and their ROK Player declared they were going after the mobile video market selling MMCs loaded with shows; they eventually came back claiming they were going to launch their BLCX SlingBox killer, which is certainly slightly more practical for getting your TV onto your wireless device -- but they missed that June 1 rollout date, too. What they do have, though, is a 2.5g streaming video solution for Symbian, which can now also count Windows Mobile users among those who have access to ROK TV content. While we're doubting any 2.5g connection in the world is going to provide video as demonstrated by ROK above, they do indeed have a decent enough little lineup going on if you were looking for a way to get some mobile video going on that EDGE-enabled HTC of yours.

[Via MSMobileNews]

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