Samsung's new NV line of fashionable cameras

It looks like the design department at Samsung has been working some overtime lately. Barely a week after they busted out that sexy line of Ultra Edition phonage, they're adding a new "NV" line of functional yet fashionable digital cameras to their portfolio. The three cameras, the NV3, NV7 and NV10 are looking sharp, sporting black aluminum and 2.5-inch LCDs, but there's plenty going on under the hood. The real headliner is the NV7 (pictured), with optical image stabilisation and a 7x optical zoom, yet measuring a mere 0.8-inches thick. We're guessing they didn't include the lens in the measurement, but it's slim all the same. Both the NV7 and NV10 have an interesting "touch pad" row of buttons along the sides of the LCD to provide quicker access to menu options. All three cameras feature Samsung's Advanced Shake Reduction feature, but the NV7 is the only one to augment that with optical. The NV10 takes the megapixel cake, at a cool 10, and it's tied with the NV3 for slimness at 0.7-inches, but its 5x optical zoom is a bit more mundane. For sheer pocketability and versatility, the NV3 features a 7 megapixel CCD, 3x zoom and PMP functions, much like its Digimax i6 predecessor. Sadly, Samsung isn't slashing prices with all those designers to feed, and the NV line retails at some fairly steep prices. The NV7 for $450, NV10 for $400 and the NV3 $350. All three should be available this Fall. Keep reading for pics of the NV3 and NV10.

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Samsung NV10

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