95-decibel ring amplifier blinds, deafens you

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|07.04.06

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95-decibel ring amplifier blinds, deafens you
You might think of this as the polar opposite of the "stealth" ringtone: an e-shop is offering a $60 device for blasting you with a 95-decibel ring (the same as a subway train at 200 feet, we're told) and a flashing strobe light when you receive a call. Now, we can clearly see some valid uses for this product -- for example, in a very noisy environment, when you can't be near your phone, or perhaps for the hard of hearing. But we can definitely see some misuses, as well -- if you have any friends giving the wine glass thing a try, can we suggest a covert nighttime switcheroo?
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