Enermax's Crystal aluminum keyboard: quick, look away!

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Thomas Ricker
July 5, 2006 8:25 AM
Enermax's Crystal aluminum keyboard: quick, look away!

So you dropped a few grand on the latest aluminum Core Duo laptop with matching LCD for the home only to find that plastic-ass, white keyboard soiling your kit? We feel ya, so here's the Crystal keyboard from ENERMAX. Now this isn't one of those cheapo, aluminum-look keyboards; the Crystal is all aluminum, all the time and diamond cut to create what they call the first "massive aluminum keyboard" consisting of a not so massive 1.55-millimeter (0.06-inch) thick aluminum plate fused to the key assembly. It features scissor-mounted, laser printed keys (for good feel without fade) with an audio in/out interface and 2 x USB ports along the sides. Oh, and they'd like you to know that up close, this 2.42-pound peripheral is "not safe to look at due to risk of hypnosis." Yeah, whutevah. On sale in Japan starting July 10th for an expected price of ¥9,800 or about $86 of the green.

[Via Impress]
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