Nintendo Wii due for early launch?

Updated ·1 min read

Our money -- since we so regularly put down heavy cash on the intricacies of console launches -- is still on that November 6th date that's been going around, but we're always willing to entertain a bit more tasteful rumoring. This one's from's Chris Morris, who cites P.J. McNealy and other unnamed "industry insiders" that the Nintendo Wii is due for October, with a slight chance of late September if the cards are right. This would contrast it to the November 17 PS3 launch, and Microsoft's November 22 last year, and give Nintendo a bit of a head start in the holiday rush. Apparently Nintendo is in pretty good shape to do so, since they've already started manufacturing the Wii, and they so far have only launched one home system in November, the GameCube. It'll probably come down to manufacturing successes and title readiness, and Nintendo might want to give 3rd party titles a bit more time in the oven with the new control schemes that need to be perfected, but a least the anonymous and unverifiable signs are looking good for an early launch, and we're not complaining.

[Via Gotakon]