Recon-X military-grade PDA is "everything-proof"

Updated ·1 min read

Intended primarily for captains of heavy industry, Tripod Data Systems' Recon X-Series pocket PCs are the toughest we've ever come across. Both new models, the 200MHz 200x and the 400MHz 400x, are tested to stand up to even the toughest conditions, including drops, heavy vibration, extreme temperatures, dust and water that would turn many slicker devices into a shiny pile of junk. Other features include an integrated microphone, WiFi, Bluetooth, 256MB of flash memory and two compact flash slots for worksite necessities like barcode scanners and GPS. Most units run the Windows Mobile OS, but a Linux version is available through SDG Systems. You'll have to contact your local reseller for actual pricing, but we think it's a fair assumption that this little brother to your Toughbook doesn't come cheap.

[Via LinuxDevices]