SageTV bringing place-shifting to Linux

Despite Major League Baseball's disdain for the practice, place-shifting is a hot feature that will only get more popular as it becomes easier for people to stream their content -- and software company SageTV is at the forefront of the movement to make that happen. Less than two months after adding the feature to its media center package for Windows, the company is supposedly on the verge of offering similar "slinging" functionality to open-source fanatics, with GigaOM reporting that we can expect to see SageTV Media Center for Linux V5 announced within the week. Until the official unveiling, not much is known about this product save for its Media Extender support, although we've also learned that Mac users will be getting their own version at some unspecified future date. There are certainly other ways for the Linux faithful to place-shift their content -- we recently saw a rather convoluted how-to on Engadget Mobile which uses MythTV -- but if you're willing to pay for commercial software, it sounds like Sage's upcoming solution will be the easiest way to go.