2.71 firmware emulation

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Andrew Yoon
July 14th, 2006
2.71 firmware emulation
Score yet another win for the impressive homebrew community that "continues to thwart Sony". Sony imposes firmware requirements for all of its newest games, such as the adorable LocoRoco demo. However, using a newly updated program called "Devhook," anyone with a 1.50 PSP can emulate the 2.71 firmware, making even the newest games completely playable. With the recent releases of downgraders, even those of you with fairly new firmwares can make the dive into the world of PSP homebrew.

What will Sony do in order to counteract this latest revelation? Hopefully, it'll mean a version 3.0 firmware that plays downloadable PS1 video games... soon. One can dream, right?

[Thanks PSPFan!]
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