AT&T's Homezone all-in-one box & service now available [Update 1: Not high-def yet]

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AT&T's Homezone all-in-one box & service now available [Update 1: Not high-def yet]
AT&T is bringing all-in-one television and internet to customers without access to fiber connections with their new Homezone box. We had to get pictures from one of our tipsters back in May, but now just anyone can call them and order a box. The dual-tuner DISH Network DVR, MovieLink & Akimbo VOD, Yahoo Photo and much more-enabled package is rolling out in July as promised, although currently only for Ohio & San Antonio, Texas residents. While AT&T is also rolling out their FTTH-based service U-Verse, they think this will give them a leg up on cable competitors offering phone/internet/TV packages. Depending on choice of calling, television and internet features the service can run from about $80 to $140 per month and will launch in other areas in a few months. A quick check of the AT&T website with a San Antonio address didn't yield any new information, who will be the first HD Beat reader with one?

[Update: As Dave Zatz points out in the comments, this AP article mentions the inital box released is SD only, so the purpose of the HDMI out on the box we've seen is unknown so far, maybe HD VOD only. He also mentions the price will be a $9.99 premium over customers' current service]
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