Panasonic unleashes slew of Lumix compacts

Our friends at Panasonic are really coming out swinging today. Their new range of Lumix compacts has some considerable spec bumps, and even if the designs do seem a little "safe" after Samsung's recent release, we're sure most consumers could fine a decent fit among the new lineup. Headlining is the DMC-LX2 (pictured), a successor to their LX1 which introduced the first compact 16:9 widescreen sensor. The LX2 bumps the megapixels to 10.2, has a 2.8-inch widescreen LCD, ISO 3200 (though not at full resolution) and intelligent ISO control that can automatically adjust for the sudden movement of a subject. Despite the increase in resolution, Panasonic claims they've significantly reduced noise thanks to their Venus III engine. The LX2 also includes a 4x zoom, and optical image stabilisation. Next up we have the DMC-FX50 and FX07, dual successors to the FX01 shooter. Both of them share a 7.2 megapixel CCD, 3.6x zoom, optical image stabilisation, and that Venus III processor, ISO 3200 and intelligent ISO control featured in big brother LX2. The FX50 goes for a new 3-inch screen, while the FX07 sticks with 2.5-inches and manages a slightly more compact body. Finally, the DMC-FX3 takes some cues from its siblings, but cuts the megapixels to 6. The optical image stabilisation is always welcome, but the ISO 1600 and 3x zoom specs are a bit more standard. Some of the best news here is the prices for these four cameras, ranging from the $500 LX2 ($100 cheaper than the initial LX1 pricetag) to $280 for the FX3. All four should be out some time this September. Keep reading for pics of the rest of the lineup.

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Lumix DMC-FX50

Lumix DMC-FX3