Sony's "hide-and-seek" Bravia TAV-L1 gets pricing and release details

Evan Blass
E. Blass|07.19.06

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Sony's "hide-and-seek" Bravia TAV-L1 gets pricing and release details
It's coming out a little later than we expected, but Sony has finally announced a solid release window for the Bravia TAV-L1 complete home theater system that we first spotted all the way back in February. As you may recall, this model consists of a 32-inch LCD monitor covered by a motorized panel containing speakers and a slot-loading DVD/SACD player, along with a single HDMI input and two vibration-canceling subwoofers in the base. Knowing full well that consumers love to personalize their gear, Sony will be offering the L1 with optional green, gray, burgundy, orange, or silver speaker grills for $100 apiece starting in September, about a month after the product itself is released. Also on the horizon is a $1,300 system called the RHT-G1000, which features speakers and a receiver built right into a TV stand, allowing users to hook up their own flat panel sets and rear satellites for the full home theater experience. Expect the G1000 to be available sometime in October, while the $4,000 TAV-L1 is scheduled for release next month -- well past the May launch we'd first heard, but also a lot cheaper than the $7,000 we originally reported.
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