Gaming with a silver spoon

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James Ransom-Wiley
July 20th, 2006
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Gaming with a silver spoon
Christofle silver Xbox 360 faceplate
Since 1830, Chistofle has been about all things silver. So naturally, some 6 generations later, the brand has turned to gaming, becoming the face of your Xbox 360 -- well, maybe, not your Xbox 360, but rather, five rich geeks' 360s.

Later this year, the Colette boutique in Paris, will be selling five -- and only five -- solid-silver, Chistofle-branded Xbox 360 faceplates. That's five, solid-silver, Chistofle-branded, €1,000 ($1,260) Xbox 360 faceplates. We suppose there are more pointless and selfish ways to spend that kinda money, but we just can't think of any.
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