Samsung rolls out SCH-B450 gaming phone

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|07.20.06

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Samsung rolls out SCH-B450 gaming phone image
Samsung rolls out SCH-B450 gaming phone image
DS and PSP be damned -- if you happen to be in Korea, that is. Looking a bit like a D307 on performance-enhancing substances, Samsung's new SCH-B450 is designed with entertainment in mind, and it's packing enough tech to make the 2-megapixel camera possibly the least interesting feature of the device. Frankly, the spec sheet is a bit overwhelming: you get TV-out, A2DP, a motion sensor for Wii-like interaction, a game-friendly keypad, 3D acceleration, S-DMB reception, Immersion's VibeTonz, and that clever (yet frighteningly fragile-looking) dual hinge design. The B450 is sadly destined for Samsung's home market only, but we can always pick up a D307 and play make-believe, right?

[Via Akihabara News]
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