Nintendo DS: over 21 million served

Alisha Karabinus
A. Karabinus|07.25.06

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Nintendo DS: over 21 million served

Well, 21 million sold at least, because the DS is like a Pringle: who can have just one? In a press release yesterday, Nintendo announced that 21 million DS units had been sold in less than two years on the market. To us, of course, the numbers aren't really surprising -- since we tend to be the people frantically pawing at our gaming store employees for more Nintendo, we know all about the crazy demand for the DS.

In the release, Nintendo compares this period to Apple's first 19 months with the iPod -- and they only moved one million units. That's twenty million short, right? But then again, the iPod wasn't yet established, and everyone knows by now that Nintendo is the company for handhelds. But what really stood out in the press release was the figure of one DS sold every two to three seconds ... and after checking the math, they're not far off.

So how many of those 21 million live in your space? And who has plans to buy yet another DS? I know someone needs to hook a girl up with one of those little pink numbers with a quickness ....

[Via Joystiq]

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