Portable bone healing system gets FDA nod

Updated ·1 min read

Despite having an air of pseudo-science about it, ultrasonic bone stimulation is actually a legitimate non-invasive therapy that's been clinically proven to heal certain types of fractures; and now, thanks to a recent FDA approval, this technology once reserved for fancy hospitals and doctors offices will soon be available for accident-prone individuals to treat themselves right at home. Specifically, the agency just gave the thumbs up to Smith & Nephew's Exogen 4000+ Bone Healing System, which is a portable device designed to stimulate growth in specific fresh fractures along with older ones that have not responded to traditional treatments. Twenty minutes a day is all it takes for a patient to speed up the healing of new fractures by up to 38% or give themselves an 83% chance of successful recovery from those hard-to-heal injuries. Before this new device convinces you to change careers and go all Evel Knievel, though, keep in mind that it's no miracle cure -- in order to completely toss aside concern for your personal safety, you'll have to wait around for those bone-repairing inkjet printers that we've been promised.

[Via MedGadget]