HDBeat Flickr Wednesday: More flat panels!!!!

Matt Burns
M. Burns|07.26.06

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Matt Burns
July 26th, 2006
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HDBeat Flickr Wednesday: More flat panels!!!!
Each week here at HDBeat, we are grab some of the best, new setups out of our Flickr pool to be featured here on our homepage. This week it is More Flat Panels!

mestjern: Set up an HDTV outside so I can watch Football from the pool. Should probably take some other pictures of it to show it off. It was a freakin pain to hang it up on brick.

dtopler: Fujitsu Plasmavision 63-inch HDTV, Comcast HDTV STB via component, Samsung DVD upconvert via HDMI, Panamax line conditioner, Bose Lifestyle 5, Psyclone component video switcher

zeroiscariot: Acer HDTV

gadget: Converge a trois - for real. Not at&t marketing blue screens.
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