Cryptic may bring heroic MMO's to consoles

Nick Doerr
N. Doerr|07.27.06

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Cryptic may bring heroic MMO's to consoles
Recently IGN released some news regarding City of Heroes and City of Villains creator, Cryptic. They have announced they are looking for programmers and artists for new PC titles and consoles. The MMO-related jobs open include Lead Designer, Lead Programmer, and Associate Producer. The rest are listed at Cryptic Studios website, for anyone interested.

The only confirmation Cryptic has let out is they have multiple projects in the works. City of... Mutants? The Lead Designer position calls for interest in mythology and history, both ancient and current. Don't worry -- they say there's no Rome or Greece involved. Hopefully they also don't intend on World War 2. All three of those are very, very overdone. What kind of City of... would you like to see come to consoles? Cleverness is quite appreciated. City of Zombies would be neat, even though most zombie games (excepting a few, like Resident Evil) are sort of lacking in gameplay.
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