New iTunes kiosk in development

After you've dropped more money in a vending machine than you ever thought possible, you're left wondering how to fill your new iPod with media to escape the monotony of your 10 hour layover. Enter 22Moo, an Australian hardware and software designer who is developing an iTunes kiosk -- dubbed PodBuffet -- to place in airports, train stations, hotels, shopping centers, and who knows where else. The prototype is powered by a Mac mini attached to a 15-inch touchscreen display that allows users timed access to the iTunes Music Store. Equipped with WiFi and all the appropriate USB, FireWire, and dock connectors, the PodBuffet won't refuse service to any iPod. The idea is to provide convenient access (and satisfy those cravings) to Apple's media mall when your laptop is MIA, and we can imagine this setup creating quite a few impulse indulgences as well. 22Moo hasn't announced a launch date nor any plans to bring these stateside, but hopefully the famished can enjoy the all-you-can-afford PodBuffet sooner rather than later.

[Via Macminute]