Nintendo confirms Wi-Fi play for '42 All-Time Classics'

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Nintendo confirms Wi-Fi play for '42 All-Time Classics'
Clubhouse GamesBefore you confuse the DS title 42 All-Time Classics for a compilation of Nintendo's best of yesteryear, know that it's merely a collection of popular card, board, and parlor games. Also known as Clubhouse Games (in North America), the latest entry in the 'Touch! Generations' series has finally been confirmed to feature Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection play, with the ability to "PictoChat" in-game. Its bland presentation won't appeal to all gamers, but for anyone who has remote interest in card games (or chess, backgammon, etc.) and also has wi-fi access, 42 All-Time Classics is a must-have.

42 All-Time Classics is scheduled for release in Europe on September 29 for an estimated £20. Clubhouse Games will follow in North American on October 9.

[Thanks, cringer8; via Nintendojo]
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