DirecTV's HD DVR coming in August?

So what's the dealio, DirecTV? The vicious cycle of delays surrounding its upcoming HD DVR has definitely not been pleasing, and these release date reports are beginning to lose clout. What we do know is that DirecTV's HD DVR has been delayed for months, and according to analyst speculation, the delay could be stemming from inventory shortages. Although we recently reported that you could (possibly) expect this much-anticipated device to drop in the September / October time frame, DirecTV has crafted a new statement shaving a month or so off that estimate. The company seems so sure (or just desperate?) about the forecast that a spokesperson made a point to "clarify that it's rolling out in LA in mid-August." While we realize it may actually be this fall before those outside of California get their paws on one, at least this party would finally get started somewhere. But before we put too much stock in what DirecTV is selling, it also proclaimed that "the box has performed magnificently in tests." While we can muster some patience waiting for a product to be done right, the question beckons: if it's all good, what the heck is taking so long?