Behind the Music: Q? Entertainment

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1UP's continuing coverage of Q? Entertainment has been awesome. Yesterday's update provided us a look into the musical talent behind Lumines and Every Extend Extra. The video chronicles musical legends, including Mondo Grosso. Here's a sample:

Mizuguchi, what sort of special persuasion did you have to provide to Osawa in order to reassure him the music would be used well?

Tetsuya Mizuguchi: Well, the first occasion that we met was in a café like today, and, going back to when we were talking about demonstrating the game on laptops since we didn't have an office, I showed [him] my bio and what I was trying to make of this upcoming game. So I showed it, and [Osawa] was like, "Oh, this could work." But it wasn't an instant stamp of approval; he made a face, because it wasn't quite clear how it all worked together. But at the same time, as a musician, even though Osawa-san doesn't completely exist in the videogame industry, a lot of the visual styles in his videos look like [they] could blend together in this interactive world. So to me it wasn't like he was a complete outsider to the interactive arena, [and] I felt like this could still work even though there might be some challenges we still had to overcome.

This is a MUST-READ and watch for any Lumines fan out there!
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