Review: Apple's wireless Mighty Mouse

David Chartier
D. Chartier|07.29.06

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David Chartier
July 29th, 2006
Review: Apple's wireless Mighty Mouse

Apple finally snipped the Mighty Mouse's tail this week, introducing a battery powered version boasting bluetooth and a more accurate laser tracking system. I, like countless others, have been itching for a bluetooth Mighty Mousy since the day they announced the original version, so in the name of a TUAW review (ok, fine: and my gadget habit), I ran out and picked one up to see just how well this tailless version of Apple's one two-button mouse performs.

First up, a bit of a disclaimer and a list of the equipment I'm used to working with: my personal favorite mouse of all time is the *gasp* Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer (version 3.0A is the latest I own, if you're interested). I also own the wired Mighty Mouse, and it's the only other Apple mouse I've used since the only Macs I've ever owned are portables. In terms of bluetooth mice however, I've used quite a few, including those from Microsoft, Apple, Logitech and even Radtech. I typically pack the wired (now wireless) Mighty Mouse for travel as it's nice and compact for on-the-go work, but I still prefer the Intellimouse, especially for any serious Photoshopping and Unreal fragging.

With that out of the way, let's get to the meat: the wireless Mighty Mouse. After playing with it for a couple days now, I can summarize my review if you're only here for the cliff notes: it's nice - for a bluetooth mouse. As I've mentioned, I've used quite a few bluetooth mice and, while this one is definitely more accurate, it isn't anything Earth-shattering. In my experience, all bluetooth mice suffer from reduced accuracy as (what I assume is) a result of bluetooth itself being not quite as reliable as USB for driving a mouse. Little things like clicking a tab's close button, or clicking the right icon in the dock can sometimes be a jittery process. The mouse can also occasionally be just the slightest bit sluggish, but again in my experience with bluetooth mice, that is to be expected.

But don't think this new mouse isn't as mighty as Apple claims. Fortunately, as the product site brags, desktop surfaces don't seem to affect this new laser tracking system, so the mouse in general is a bit more accurate on all kinds of table tops, including those at Starbucks and my desk at home. If you're looking for a direct comparison, this might help: Even with the general bluetooth mouse gripes I mentioned earlier, this mouse definitely feels more accurate and responsive than Apple's previous bluetooth mice, and any other bluetooth mouse I've used. However, if you're hoping that the wireless Mighty Mouse is the missing link between USB mouse accuracy and bluetooth portability, I hate to say: you'll have to continue on your quest.

For those looking for a good compromise between these two seemingly incompatible worlds though, this is definitely the most accurate bluetooth mouse I've used to date. The other bonuses also help sweeten the admittedly steep $70 price tag, such as that killer 360-degree scroll button, one-battery functionality, and Apple even includes a pair of those new Energizer Lithium batteries - not the cheap generic ones; "spared no expense", as they say. All things considered, the wireless Mighty Mouse is a strong offering for those jonsing for a two-button bluetooth Apple mouse.
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