Another Spore model; get your own "for a fee" [update 1]

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Another Spore model; get your own "for a fee" [update 1]

Randall wasn't the only Joystiq special correspondent to get his virtual Spore creation brought kicking and screaming into physical space. C.K. received his figurine and managed to throw 65 images onto his Flickr account. He writes:

"I designed a Spore creature while I was at E3, and the nice people at EA were kind enough to make it into a little 3-D figurine like the ones they had sitting around their booth and ship it to me. It has two heads, one bird-like and the other more like a moose, with large fighting arms."

Three readers also tipped us off to three separate works discussing the future availability of mail-order Spore creatures. Clayton sent in a link to a Discover Magazine article that reveals, "In Spore, a player can animate any creature imaginable; for a fee, it can be made into a three-dimensional reality." For a fee, eh?

Darius pointed us to Next Generation, who speculate "it is likely that a model-making service (which will probably require payment) will be available when the game appears." So don't be jealous. If the stars align just so, we'll all have our very own Spore figurines come Q2 2007.

Matt noted the following paragraph while readingThe Long Tail: Why the Future of Business Is Selling Less of More by Wired Magazine's Chris Anderson: "Will Wright, the legendary video-game designer, is putting the finishing touches on his next game, Spore. In it, you'll be able to evolve your own creature, imbuing it with traits and characteristics of your own design. If you like your work, you'll be able to upload your creation to the Spore servers. And then, for about $20, you can have it 3D printed onto a real action figure – colors, texture, and all. Each one is unique and will show up at your front door in a week or two." This is the first time we're seeing a price ... and $20 sounds reasonable to us. Does that include shipping, guys?

[Thanks for the links, Clayton and Darius ... and Matt!]

[update 1: Added the bits from The Long Tail. Thanks, Matt!]
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