Bandy the MP3-playing teddy bear

Evan Blass
E. Blass|07.31.06

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Kids love teddy bears, and kids love music, so what better way to get the little ones begging for your product than by combining two of their passions into one adorable package? Certainly not the first bear-inspired audio device we've seen, Mogoon's MP3- and WMA-playin' Bandy (not to be confused with the ice hockey-like sport of the same name) trumps most other offerings by featuring a built-in SD slot for loading up tunes or serialized versions of its fictional pre-history; 27 minutes of said history are pre-installed on an internal chip. Knowing that Bandy is bound to end up in some pretty dirty / dangerous predicaments, Mogoon also made the bear dust-proof, splash-proof, and able to withstand falls from up to two meters, ensuring at least a few days of usage before your kids manage to break it. The fun begins this fall -- in Europe, at least -- for around €69 ($88).

[Thanks, Sven N.]
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