Microsoft exec: Expect big surprises this fall

Joystiq Staff
J. Staff|07.31.06

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Joystiq Staff
July 31, 2006 5:25 PM
Microsoft exec: Expect big surprises this fall
Richard Teversham, a marketing manager for Xbox Europe, told the UK's MCV that in order to combat the launches of the Wii and PlayStation 3, the company would reveal this fall a "number of surprises" up their sleeve.

One of the surprises that won't be making its way to us is a 360 price cut. Teversham denies any plans for a cut, but slams the PS3 at the same time for their high-cost console. He says, "The question is: When are they going to drop the price? I think a lot of gamers out there are going to be saying 'I'll wait for the price to drop,' or even better they'll buy a 360."

He even manages to take a little jab at Nintendo: "And although Wii is almost a GameCube with a DVD drive, is Nintendo going to have enough quantity to satisfy the demand?"

Teversham also touches on what Zune will offer users: "It is a combination of hardware and software. As for roll out and compatibility you're going to have to watch this space -- when we launch there will be a lot of noise around it. It's about Microsoft bringing together communities on devices like Xbox, Zune and PC."

If a price cut isn't included in the surprise announcements, we're curious what would be. Perhaps 360 game price reductions?

[Via X-bit Labs]
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