Verizon and LG release Chocolate phone, stop the madness

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Verizon and LG release Chocolate phone, stop the madness
With release dates galore, unboxing pics and of course a whole former life as Korea-only hawterness, you can understand if we're happy to be "done" with this one. Verizon has finally released LG's Chocolate phone, the VX8500. There's a mostly a dearth of surprises: sexy slider action in a 0.69-inch thick form factor, V Cast Music store support, 1.3 megapixel camera and some speedy EV-DO. The biggest news is that along with the release, Verizon is dropping the $15 monthly fee from their V Cast Music store, making downloads "only" cost the two buck fee for dual PC and phone downloads. So, if you haven't already bought one and sent us unboxing pics, you can pick up the $150 phone (after a $50 rebate) and be the coolest kid on your block for at least five seconds.

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