CuteCircuit's "Kiss Me!" interactive wedding attire

Darren Murph
D. Murph|08.01.06

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CuteCircuit's "Kiss Me!" interactive wedding attire
The creative minds over at CuteCircuit have developed yet another wearable, but this interactive wedding attire gives the bride and groom a little something extra to look forward to. The "Kiss Me!" gown and suit was fabricated specifically for a Swedish couple from Indian silks of various colors, and wired up with "smart textile" technology (as seen in the Secret Message Glove) that transmits pre-written messages when the articles make contact. Although the scene was far from traditional, it mattered not to the Swedish lovebirds, and when the couple kissed after their endearing professions, the textiles sent secret messages to each of them that could only be discovered on the tiny displays hidden in not-so-public locations. To maintain whatever amount of practicality these threads should have after the ceremony, the bride's train is removable for converting into a skirt, and the groom's jacket becomes a somewhat threatening ninja outfit. The "Kiss Me!" attire may not fit into everyone's ideal wedding, but we'll admit this is definitely more acceptable than having Kip Dynamite belt out "I love technology" to celebrate a union.
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