Genus' retro-cool Type-R DAB radio

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Genus' retro-cool Type-R DAB radio
Fresh off its portable DAB radio/MP3 player combo, Genus is taking things back to the countertop with its slick-looking Type-R DAB-only model. The unit's sure to please the design connaisseurs among us, with walnut side panels and a rear panel tricked out with hand-embossed leather and an enamel badge made by the same folks that do work for Aston Martin and Bentley. Matching the retro looks, however, is some fresh technological goodness, including a touch-sensitive display, a line-in port for your iPod or other audio device, and a line-out port for rocking DAB stations on something with a bit more kick than the Type-R's 2-watt speakers. An optional rechargeable battery is also available but, curiously, the one thing the radio apparently doesn't have is an alarm clock function, which would seem to be a big selling point. Still no word on price but availability is, of course, confined to our friends in the U.K.

[Thanks, Nilski]
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