Bounty Hounds lets you blow up aliens

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From the developers of Hello Kitty: Rescue Mission (hey, developers gotta pay the bills somehow, right?) comes the PSP-exclusive shooter Bounty Hounds. It's been a long time since we last heard about this game, but Namco Bandai has blown the covers off this game big time. The main gameplay involves you dual-wielding Halo 2-style, and you'll obviously have to choose the right weapons for the right occassion. In a feat of technical marvel, the developers have managed to squeeze a feature that we thought only the PlayStation 3 could do: real-time weapons swapping. With 500 weapons and items you can equip, and a unique energy field mode, this game is looking up to not be just a good shooter, but an original one as well. Span the mighty Internets to get your hands on multiple videos and perspectives:


Progress Report

Combat Gameplay
Choices Gameplay
Attacks Gameplay
Melee Gameplay
Ranged Gameplay
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