Lux Entertainment's new outdoor, waterproof MCE LCD

Matt Burns
M. Burns|08.03.06

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Matt Burns
August 3rd, 2006
So you have a media center PC and a pool that you like to entertain from, eh? Tell ya what. We'll show you a self-standing, waterproof LCD TV that will look so cool by your pool if you let us come over and take a dip? Deal? Check out the newest outdoor LCD by Lux Entertainment. They have integrated a 26-inch Sharp LCD HDTV into a rugged cabinet complete with a wireless MCE. All you need is an outlet for power and your media center with its built-in TV tuner will do the rest. They understand that most people are not going to want to move this massive cabinet around so they have made it to survive in the great outdoors. The screen is covered in a glare-free, reflection-free glass that museums employ with the thought that it will probably be a sunny day when you are by the pool. Even though the cabinet is made out of "armor-like shell form highest quality stainless steel," we still think it would be a good idea to haul it in during those heavy storms. Plus, can you image how hot this thing must be when it sits and cooks in the sun all day? (you think your MacBook gets hot) It looks like a great setup, but for $5,800 dollars, we are wondering if it is worth it.

So about our little deal. Is 4:00pm good for you?

[Via CEPro]
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