Verbatim to launch mini DVD-R dual-layer media

If you've already made plans to pick up the Canon iVIS DC22 we brought you earlier today, you may be wondering where (and when) you're going to find those miniaturized dual-layer DVD-Rs. Apparently Verbatim took matters into their own hands by making absolutely sure DC22 owners will be able to fully utilize the (only) standout feature on their new camcorder. Today the company announced its plan to drop dual-layer 8cm (3-inch) DVD-Rs to presumably coincide with the release of Canon's newest iVIS later this month. The 2.66GB discs provide 54 minutes of continuous recording capacity, which isn't quite double what a plain-jane mini-DVD-R will hold. The new discs are being touted as superior to the currently-available double-sided discs, which can create a seriously frantic situation when trying to flip sides and continue filming. Verbatim also notes that these little buggers will sport its "innovative VideoGard technology" that provides a protective coating to withstand "40 times" the damage that an unshielded disc will (sounds a lot like Durabis). Though we're not huge fans of DVD-camcorders, the ability to hold nearly an hour of family reunions and bar fights on one disc is respectable -- unfortunately that respect comes with a $24.99 pricetag for three measly discs.