Get some PSP games on the cheap!

Ed Stasick
E. Stasick|08.05.06

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Ed Stasick
August 5th, 2006
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Get some PSP games on the cheap!
Metal Gear Acit 2Now this is a good deal! Everybody's favorite fanboy store, Frys, has 3 PSP games on sale for insane prices. The "advertised prices" last through Tuesday, so act fast (and please call your local Frys first as not all stores may have the same offers).

PSP games on sale at Frys
  • Burnout Legends - $19.95
  • Untold Legends 2 - $19.95
  • Metal Gear Acid Legends 2 - $19.95!
I'm headed over there now. I'll hide some copies behind Death Jr. for you.
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