PSP controls your PC, then the world!

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PSP controls your PC, then the world!
Don't you wish you had a gamepad for your PC? Sure, you could buy one, but why would you when you have a PSP? The WiFiController homebrew project lets you use your 1.50 (and maybe 2.60) PSP as a controller. Here's what the programmer, David Rudie has to say:
This basically turns your PSP into a controller for your PC (running Windows). How it works is that PPJoy provides a way to create a virtual joystick. We can then communicate with this virtual joystick as though it were a real joystick. This is accomplished by running a server in Microsoft Windows. The server just runs in the background waiting for a connection. When you start the WiFiController program on your Sony PSP it will establish a network connection over wireless using infrastructure mode. Once it establishes a connection and obtains an IP address it will connect to the server running on your PC. Once it has connected to your PC it will act just like a regular joystick.
This is an impressive mod, but I'm still waiting for the PSP homebrew that lets you flush your toilet... wirelessly.

[Via PSP Hacks]
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