RCA's familiar-looking M5000 series DAPs

Evan Blass
E. Blass|08.06.06

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RCA's familiar-looking M5000 series DAPs
If RCA's new M5000 series of DAPs look familiar, then you've got a good eye: we've seen the exact same models before branded as the MSI P610 and Packard Bell Vibe 360. Therefore the feature sets on the 1GB M5001 and 2GB M5002 should come as no surprise, with both models sporting a 1.8-inch color screen capable of AVI and MOV video playback, line-in / voice / FM radio recording, and support for MP3, WMA, and PlaysForSure audio tracks. Those of you who've been kicking yourselves for passing over the MSI and Packard Bell can pick up the M5001 immediately for around $130, while the M5002 still seems to be lacking both pricing and release info.

Read- M5001
Read- M5002
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