TWC apologizes TiVo Series 3 CableCARD fudge

Looks like Time Warner Cable, our very favoritest cable company of all (yes, we're saying that with all possible sarcasm despite the fact that they're vaguely related to the Engadget empire) is doing an about face on their vacillating policy of not supporting or providing service to Series 3 TiVos currently in beta, or those in the future. According to a recorded call made to one frustrated user, George, TWC's "policy changed" on the matter -- which means, of course, that this was in fact a policy the cable company took in not supporting TiVo Series 3, but we digress. The upshot is that now, according to Time Warner of Raleigh, "once the TiVo Series 3 devices are released [they] will be able to install a CableCARD for those devices as well as any other CableLabs approved devices." Gee, thanks so much for officially adopting support for a technology mandated by FCC for quite some time now. And people wonder why there's consumer fear, uncertainty, and dismay about CableCARD -- and why manufacturers can't seem to sell the damned things.