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Casio's EX-S770 ultraslim camera

Casio's EX-S770 ultraslim camera
Ryan Block
Ryan Block|August 8, 2006 9:41 AM
Casio's rounding out that expanded lineup of fairly capable portable and ultraslim consumer cameras today the last of their three new 7.2 megapixel shooters. Their highest end 17mm thick $380 EX-S770 features 3x optical, a bright 1100cd/m2 2.8-inch display sure to kill that battery right quick, VGA MPEG-4 movie recording, in 16:9, anti-shake DSP, and "PHOTO TRANSPORT," a method for moving photos from your PC to your camera for informational and entertainment purposes (gee, whoda thunkit?). Not too dissimilar from their $300 21mm thick EX-Z700 (with a 2.7-inch LCD), or their $250 EX-Z70. All feature that Casio eBay mode (for taking high detail, low res pics, we assume?), and should be shipping in September.
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