Request A New Realm And Get Suspended

David Nelson
D. Nelson|08.08.06

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Request A New Realm And Get Suspended
I can't say I'm sad to see this edict come down from our benevolent Blizzard leaders. The constant yammering for a new realm from people in the official forums was getting out of hand, so Blizzard took a rather extreme position. If you start a thread asking for a new realm, or ask for information on what date we can expect a new realm, your forum privileges will be suspended for an unspecified (although probably short) period of time.

Being a forum junkie, I was getting sick of seeing posts begging for a new realm over and over again. Aren't there plenty of low population realms to roll on? And with server transfers your peaceful new realm could be blasted to pieces with Tier 3 geared uber guilds in a mere 90 days after opening. Go help out a struggling low population server! Might I suggest Uldaman?
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