American McGee gets episodic in Shanghai

Alan Rose
A. Rose|08.10.06

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American McGee gets episodic in Shanghai
American McGee gets episodic in ShanghaiAmerican McGee is looking for a few dark, twisted types to join his new independent studio in Shanghai, as he prepares to ride the wave of two contemporary trends in the gaming industry: episodic content and Chinese food.

With Bad Day L.A. set to launch soon, the man behind Alice and Scrapland is now focusing his attention on building "an episodic game set in a dark, fairy tale universe." This project could be related to Oz or Grimm, a pair of graphic novels McGee is producing with Cellar Door Publishing.

A former game designer for id Software and Electronic Arts, McGee also founded The Mauretania Import Export Company, and has served as the Creative Director for Enlight Software.
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