CEA to launch CES-like E3 replacement?

Ryan Block
R. Block|08.10.06

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CEA to launch CES-like E3 replacement?
Since E3 decided to call it quits as the bespoke conference and reorg into something a little more intimate, a number of alternatives are starting to crop up in its place. The most promising prospect, however, comes from the CEA -- harbingers of the one true doombringer event, CES, and outspoken consumer advocates -- who have formed a committee to explore a CES-like event for games to take the place of E3. CE3, if you will. Of course, this does not mean they're committing to any such thing, but when your last event was attended by some 162,000 or so industry professionals and members of the media, let's just say that if they did decide to do a CE3 they'd have a helluva mailing list to work with.
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