Koss introduces Cobalt Bluetooth headphones

Darren Murph
D. Murph|08.12.06

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Koss introduces Cobalt Bluetooth headphones
Although Koss may not be a frequent name here at Engadget, it has hung around and delivered a few quality offerings, the latest of which has been dubbed Cobalt. These wireless streetstyle (i.e. wrap around your dome) stereo headphones aren't particularly elaborate in any one sense, but they do manage to fold away nicely for portable storage and, of course, sport Bluetooth. While there are quite a few alternatives out there tailored for iPod use, Koss is apparently marketing these as the end-all solution to your wireless earphone needs -- by thoughtfully including a USB Bluetooth dongle, a 3.5mm Bluetooth transmitter, a 3.5mm extension cable, and a USB charging cable, you're able to utilize the 'phones on pretty much anything. Touted as being right at home on your PC, CD / DVD player, DAP, media player, and basically everywhere you can jam a USB device or 3.5mm jack in, the Cobalt isn't lacking in the utility department. You'll get 8 hours of easy listening from the rechargeable battery, and Koss even flaunts its ability to "simultaneously pair" with cellphones in order to both hear callers and listen to music without a hitch (but how much good is this really without a built-in microphone?). If you're searching for a Bluetooth headset that can play nice with basically any music player, and you trust these things will actually sound halfway decent, the Koss Cobalt can be picked up now for $179.99.
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