More interviews with more homebrewers

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Andrew Yoon
August 13, 2006 9:45 PM
More interviews with more homebrewers
A month ago, we showed you an interview with the popular PSP homebrewer ZX-81. DCEmu has continued their summer series of interviews with two other popular PSP coders: StrmnNrmn and Deniska. Both have very different goals with the PSP. StrmnNrmn is famous for his efforts in bringing "Daedalus," an N64 emulator, to fruition. You can read through the entire interview with him for more, but here's an interesting snippet:

Deniska works on bringing original games to the system, such as KETM. He also is working on a GPS device (see the YouTube video here). When asked what's on his PSP he had this to say:

Feel free to read the entire interview with Deniska for more. It's clear that there are two very different segments for PSP homebrew: one focuses on pirating games, while the other focuses on developing original applications and games. Sony's attempt to squash homebrew as a whole is spawned by their fight against piracy, but it's unfortunate to see coders of original programs get caught in the crossfire. What about you, homebrew-using PSP fanboys? Do you use it for emulating games or do you use it to find original apps?
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