Segway launches two new models: the i2 and x2

As rumored, Segway is launching two new versions of their still-looks-nerdy-as-ever two wheel Human Transporter. The biggest update is the new "LeanSteer" system that does away the clunky grip-based control for turning, and now allows for leaning into turns in much the same way as leaning forward and back controls speed. Segway is also packing in a new wireless "InfoKey" controller (the Bluetooth HT-V1A unit we recently saw get by the FCC) that operates as a monitor for battery level, seed and distance, and also acts as extra security for your Segway. When mounted on your Segway, the InfoKey acts as a normal "dashboard" display. Finally, along with extensive redesign of the entire unit, Segway has added those "Saphion" lithium-ion batteries -- first featured in the XT and i180 -- which manage 24 miles on regular terrain with the i2, and go for 12 miles offroad with the x2, but both devices still "speed" along at the traditional 12.5 mph. You can nab the i2 now for $5,000, or wait around for the x2 which will be out in September. Segway will also be releasing other versions of their second-generation scooter, such as a new golf-centric model, with all six total version due by the end of the year.

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