Podcasting PSP-style

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Andrew Yoon
August 16th, 2006
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Podcasting PSP-style
One of my favorite things about the 2.80 firmware is its ability to download video podcasts. While visiting podOmatic, a sudden realization came into my mind: we can make our own podcast! (And so can you at podOmatic-- check it out, awesome site.) People have told us to make a PSP-compatible version of PSP Fanboy, but isn't a podcast so much better?

Here's my proposal. The podcast will feature:
  • A weekly audio show featuring Chris and myself, reviewing the best of PSP news. Why read when we can READ FOR YOU!!!
  • Downloadable videos highlighting the best video content of the week.
  • Maybe some more content/collaboration from Joystiq & the other Fanboy sites. (DS Fanboy VS. PSP Fanboy podcast? Bring it on!)
  • And of course, it's all compatible with your PSP.
So, vote in the poll above and then give us your comments below. With enough enthusiasm and support from you guys, it might be a reality!

PSP Fanboy podcast?
Hellz yeah!
My 133t 1.5 PSP can't podcast, noobs!
What's a podcast?
You guys hate the PSP so much, it would be like listening to DS Fanboy.
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