The latest Fable scraps

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The latest Fable scraps

The latest Fable 2 update gives us a few tidbits to enjoy -- namely the solitary piece of concept art above. Of particular interest -- especially to those who were disappointed by Fable's restrictive pathways -- is level designer, Charlton Edward's comments on the game:

"The world definitely is much bigger and it also feels better. There are more things to do within each area and we absolutely have to make them interesting and absorbing. Too many times have I spent playing RPG's set in vast barren wastelands.
Fable 2 retains the Fable 1 organic, intimate feel, while giving players tons to explore and discover. We are really trying to pack the world with exploration, interaction and secrets."

While this doesn't necessarily mean the end of Fable's linear paths, it at least promises we'll have more to do on said paths. Anybody have this in their top five most wanted yet?

[Via Xboxygen (watch out, it's in French)]
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