Toshiba intros LCD projector with document camera

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Most PowerPoint presentations tend to be pretty boring, because no matter how good the projector, your audience is still forced to sit through an endless series of poorly-formatted infographics. Well Toshiba's got a new LCD projector on the market known as the TLP-XC2500U that should help spice up those drab meetings and training sessions by incorporating a three megapixel digital camera on an articulating swing arm, allowing you to display documents and 3D objects along with the usual assortment of bullet-point-filled slides. Specs-wise, this model certainly won't make it to the top of the class -- its XGA resolution, 400:1 contrast ratio, and 2,500 ANSI lumens of brightness place it somewhere in the middle of the pack -- but at $1,539, you're getting a pretty good deal when you factor in that bonus camera. Other nice features include a bundled remote with digital zoom, monitor mirroring so you can face your audience and still keep track of what's on screen, and best of all, instant shut-down with no cool down period so you can get the hell out of there as quickly as possible if your presentation was a real dud. Also on board are dual security systems: a removable control panel makes the projector useless without a password (though it could still be jacked and scrapped for parts), and its 8.8-pound weight means that potential thieves will look pretty conspicuous trying to lug it out of the conference room.

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