AKU2 for Motorola Q is / is not available

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|08.16.06

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AKU2 for Motorola Q is / is not available
Manufacturer posts OS update, manufacturer discovers update wasn't quite ready for prime time, manufacturer pulls update from web. Sound familiar? Moto teased us with the long-awaited AKU2 update for their Q, but pulled it from their website a scant two days later after "realizing" that it was still in beta. Needless to say, the prerelease cut's still floating around the web and shouldn't be terribly hard for hardcore Q users to get their hands on, but the faint of heart might just be better off for the real deal to drop since it wipes your device clean -- not to mention that Moto's hinting the beta does nasty things to your warranty.
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